New book published: Orchestration of Learning Environments in the Digital World

This volume focuses on the implications of digital technologies for educators and educational decision makers that are not widely represented in the literature.

Ifenthaler, D., Isaias, P., & Sampson, D. G. (Eds.). (2022). Orchestration of learning environments in the digital world. Springer.

The chapters contained in the volume are based on the presentations at the 2020 edition of the CELDA conference and cover multiple developments in the field such as deploying learning technologies, proposing pedagogical approaches and practices to address digital transformation,  and presenting case studies of specific technologies and contexts. The chapters form a lively debate and provide a comprehensive analysis of the  contribution  of  learning  technologies  designed to improve  the  learning process and the  experience of  the students as well as to develop key competences.

  • Presents cutting edge research from CELDA 2020
  • Focuses on the technological and pedagogical aspects of learning in the digital age
  • Includes contributions from international scholars and experts in the field

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