Check-up Distance Learning

Ziel des Projekts Check-up Distance Learning ist die Erfassung von Entwicklungsprofilen an beruflichen Schulen im Bereich Distance Learning und die Gewinnung von ...
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Leveraging Learning Analytics for Assessment and Feedback

This chapter energises the field of learning analytics by presenting research on assessment through recognising the humanness and depth of ...
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CfP: Reciprocal Issues of Artificial and Human Intelligence in Education

Overview With the emerging opportunities of artificial intelligence (AI), learning and teaching may be supported in situ and in real-time ...
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Editor-in-Chief: Dirk Ifenthaler

Technology, Knowledge and Learning emphasizes the increased interest on context-aware adaptive and personalized digital learning environments.

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Series Editors: Dirk Ifenthaler and Scott Warren

The books in this series endeavor to present innovative and worthwhile research methodologies and development tools seeking to solve current problems and obstacles faced in the adoption of game-based learning.

Series Editors: Dirk Ifenthaler and David Gibson

This book series highlights the latest developments of analytics for learning and teaching as well asproviding an arena for the further development of this rapidly developing field. 

Series Editors: Dirk Ifenthaler, Demetrios G. Sampson and Pedro Isaias

This book series This book series focuses on the implications of digital technologies for educators and educational decision makers. It features works presented at the annual CELDA conferences.

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