Investigating digital entrepreneurship competence in an online practical training program

New article published focussing on entrepreneurship education and digital competence.

Chen, L., & Ifenthaler, D. (2023). Investigating digital entrepreneurship competence in an online practical training program. International Journal of Management Education, 21(3), 100894. 

Currently, experts have constructed a Digital Entrepreneurship Competence Framework based on solid entrepreneurship competence and digital competence frameworks. The framework can be used to assess the digital entrepreneurship competencies of university students of interest. However, its application and empirical results still need to be further proved. Additionally, online entrepreneurship education is a new and controversial theme in this field. To add ‘learning by doing’, this program adopted practical tasks in online settings, as well as theoretical learning objectives. This study collected feedback on students’ digital entrepreneurship competence through questionnaire surveys disbributed in two same training programs and semi-structured interviews. The individual reflections and group assignments are additionally explained. The two programs attendees (N = 88 and N = 85) came from Chinese higher education institutions with various majors. Findings showed that the online practical program promoted four sub-competencies of digital entrepreneurship slightly, explicitly improvement in opportunity identification from tutors’ observation. Student interviewees agreed the score initiative and collaboration competencies were the highest. The study promotes theoretical development and practical application of digital entrepreneurship competencies in the digital age.

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