Automated Essay Scoring Systems

New open access article published focussing automated essays scoring systems.

Ifenthaler, D. (2022). Automated essay grading systems. In O. Zawacki-Richter & I. Jung (Eds.), Hanboock of open, distance and digital education (pp. 1–15). Springer. 

Essays are scholarly compositions with a specific focus on a phenomenon in question. They provide learners the opportunity to demonstrate in-depth understanding of a subject matter; however, evaluating, grading, and providing feedback on written essays are time consuming and labor intensive. Advances in automated assessment systems may facilitate the feasibility, objectivity, reliability, and validity of the evaluation of written prose as well as providing instant feedback during learning processes. Measurements of written text include observable components such as content, style, organization, and mechanics. As a result, automated essay scoring systems generate a single score or detailed evaluation of predefined assessment features. This chapter describes the evolution and features of automated scoring systems, discusses their limitations, and concludes with future directions for research and practice.

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