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Starting in January 2023, Professor Ifenthaler joins Educational Technology & Society (ET&S) as Editor-in-Chief.

Educational Technology & Society (ET&S) is an open-access academic journal published quarterly (January, April, July, and October) since October 1998. ET&S has achieved its purposes of providing an international forum for open access scientific dialogue for developers, educators and researchers to foster the development of research in educational technology. ET&S publishes research that well bridges the pedagogy and practice in advanced technology for evidence-based and meaningful educational application. The focus of ET&S is not only technology per se, but rather issues related to the process continuum of learning, teaching, and assessment and how they are affected or enhanced using technologies. The empirical research about how technology can be used to overcome the existing problems in the frontline of local education with findings that can be applied to the global spectrum is also welcome. However, papers with only descriptions of the results obtained from self-report surveys without systematic or empirical data or any analysis on learning outcomes or processes are not favorable to be included in ET&S.

Educational Technology & Society (ET&S) has an Impact Factor of 3.522 and 5-Year impact factor of 4.369 according to Thomson Scientific 2022 Journal Citation Report.

Educational Technology & Society is listed #8 in Google Scholar Top Publications in Educational Technology.

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