Open and Inclusive Educational Practice in the Digital World

New edited volume published which presents cutting edge research from CELDA 2021 conference.

Ifenthaler, D., Sampson, D. G., & Isaias, P. (Eds.). (2023). Open and inclusive educational practice in the digital world. Springer.

This book is about inclusivity and open education in the digital age. It reports the latest data on this topic from the 2021 Cognition and Exploratory Learning in the Digital Age (CELDA) conference. This annual conference focuses on challenges pertaining to the evolution of the learning process, the role of pedagogical approaches and the progress of technological innovation, in the context of the digital age. The material in this book represents the work of both researchers and practitioners in an effort to cover both technological and pedagogical issues in ground-breaking studies. The book covers a wide array of topics examining the deployment of learning technologies, proposing pedagogical approaches and practices to address digital transformation, presenting case studies of specific technologies and contexts and overall debating the contribution of learning technologies for the improvement of the learning process and the experience of students and for the development of key competences. It represents the best work reported during CELDA 2021,  comprising expanded peer reviewed chapters from best papers focusing on open education models, inclusive learning environments and adaptive as well as personalized learning support.

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