Feedback literacy matters: unlocking the potential of learning analytics-based feedback

A new research article was published investigating learning analytics feedback conditions and the relevance of feedback literacy.

Tepgec, M., Heil, J., & Ifenthaler, D. (2024). Feedback literacy matters: Unlocking the potential of learning analytics-based feedback. Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education. 

Despite the widespread implementation of learning analytics (LA)-based feedback systems, there exists a gap in empirical investigations regarding their influence on learning outcomes. Moreover, existing research primarily focuses on individual differences, such as self-regulation and motivation, overlooking the potential of feedback literacy (FL). FL, an emerging skill set, goes beyond comprehending feedback; it entails effectively applying feedback to enhance the learning experience. This study aims to investigate the impact of LA-based feedback on knowledge acquisition and transfer, specifically focusing on the role of FL. Ninety-five students participated in a quasi-experimental design with three feedback conditions: Process feedback with FL practice, Process feedback only, and Outcome feedback. The study utilized a learning environment with an LA dashboard and prompting features. Participants underwent pre-tests and post-tests evaluating their knowledge acquisition and transfer related to effective instructional methodologies for online teaching. The study shows that LA-based process feedback enhances knowledge transfer but not acquisition. Notably, FL moderates this impact, emphasizing its crucial role in maximizing LA-based feedback benefits. The study underscores the importance of prioritizing FL development in educational institutions. The study offers valuable insights into LA, FL, and learning outcomes, guiding informed and customized feedback practices in education.

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