New book series: Avances in Artificial Intelligence in Education

This book series focuses on using artificial intelligence (AI) in educational contexts, providing the venue to showcase the latest developments in this rapidly moving field.

From personalised instruction to adaptive assessments and immersive learning experiences, AI tools and technologies can revolutionise education and empower educators, students, and decision makers.

A wide range of topics surrounding the use of AI in learning and teaching are explored, covering global perspectives from different communities and disciplines. The book series approaches the use of AI in education with caution and addresses ethical considerations such as data privacy, algorithmic bias, and transparency. By examining AI socially responsible and inclusively, AI’s full potential shall be unlocked and create a future of education that is personalised, engaging, and equitable for all learners.

The titles in the series cover the use of AI within K-12 through tertiary settings and in other domains such as professional, lifelong, and work-integrated learning. The series accepts monographs and edited volumes that fit the scope mentioned above and covers various topics, including (but not limited to) tutoring systems, adaptive learning, feedback provision, learner modelling, assessment analytics, as well as teaching and learning support. The series also includes titles covering related issues of ethical and responsible use of AI, data privacy, bias and transparency, educational design, institutional adoption, and inclusion.

Please contact Professor Dirk Ifenthaler at if you wish to discuss a book proposal for the series.

Book Series Editor

Dirk Ifenthaler, University of Mannheim, Germany and Curtin University, Australia

Vitomir Kovanovic, University of South Australia, Australia

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